As you begin to make those plans to take your ideas to the next level, lets help you make it easier..

You have an Idea or connecting to an already existing one
Have registered a business name
Have just decided to register a domain name and get hosting so you can send mails from there

You would need to begin to make yourself ready and available to accept business

in comes our Business Startup Service rendered with the help of our partners Ooma Studios  who are a branding and customisation business also providing free phone pop sockets to everyone who registers and host an account with us.

Here is a list of optional items that would get you up and running really fast

Item Quantity Cost
ID Cards & Lanyards 5pcs N7,500
Letter Head 100 pcs N10,000
Business Card 2sides 100pcs N8,000
A6 Envelopes 100pcs N5,000
Facecaps 5pcs N7,500
T-shirts 5pcs N10,500
50paged Jotters 50pc N20,000
Logo Design 3 Samples to pick from N30,000
Wall Clock 1pc N10,000
50pc/booklet  Invoice Books 5pcs N10,000
50pc/booklet Receipt Books 5pcs N10,000
Graphic Design Services    N15,000
TOTAL   N143,500

  Add Webdesign Services and get even more Discounts

You are at liberty to pick and match what you need and still get a discount if orders are above N40,000 10% off if you pay through 19jawebhosting.


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